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Lady of the Americas

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Please wait for video to completely download before playing. Place mouse over box for video controls. This is video only shows two of the eleven missionary congregations that appear in the presentation. The video's running time is 8:30.




The Missionary Alliance of Boston's presentational DVD wins awards.

July 7, 2009 (Waltham, MA) – The Missionary Alliance of Boston’s presentational DVD for the Archdiocese’s of Boston’s 200th anniversary has won an Award of Excellence in The Videographers Awards competition for 2009 in the Religious/Inspirational category. Earlier this year this DVD production was cited for an Honorable Mention in the Hermes Creative Awards. The Missionary Alliance of Boston’s presentational DVD was produced by the Marist Missionary Sisters in conjunction with the Missionary Alliance of Boston.

The Videographer Awards is an international competition designed to recognize excellence in Video Productions, TV Commercials/ News/ Programs and New Media. The mission of the Videographer Awards is to provide meaningful recognition to hard-working, creative companies, individuals and their clients.

Hermes Creative Awards is an international competition for creative professionals involved in the concept, writing, and design of traditional materials and programs, and emerging technologies. Entries come from corporate marketing and communication departments, advertising agencies, PR firms, design shops, production companies, web-based innovators and freelancers.

The Videographer Awards and the Hermes Creative Awards are administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP). The international organization consists of several thousand marketing, communication, advertising, public relations, media production, web and free-lance professionals. The Association oversees awards and recognition programs, provides judges, and sets professional standards for excellence.



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